Be a Weirdo

Pre COVID, I found myself at an event, ready to learn about some movers and shakers in the social entrepreneurship space. After being there for a few minutes, I quickly realized the event was made of 90% PR professionals. I don’t know anything about PR. They all seemed to know each-other. And here I am, this random guy who owns a web app company.

I’m already introverted and socially anxious, so my first reaction was “Get me outta here!”

I felt like a real weirdo, intro-ing myself. But at the same time, I think it was exactly where I was supposed to be. I learned a bunch and there was massive opportunity in being the only one of my “kind”.

I like to think in very “logical” terms: inputs, processing, and outputs. We’re presented with things, our brain does work, and then we output things. In order to really shake things up both in ourselves and with those around us, I think it’s healthy to present completely novel and “absurd” inputs to our brains. To others, you might look like a weirdo.

There are three primary reasons I think it’s helpful to be a weirdo:

  • As mentioned in a previous post, it helps you to be privy to more problems. The problems that a lot of us face in our day-to-day are in good hands already, I want to find some different problems to solve.
  • You are able to bring your unique mindset to a different space, where your norm is their novelty.
  • It allows you to live a fuller live and have an ever-so-slighty more representative view of what the world looks like.

This year, I want to be that guy more, both in our current digital context and, eventually, IRL. Don’t challenge convention just for the sake of it, but, with intention, consider how you might be able to step out and not belong so much.

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