Late and Overbudget: Why Projects Always* Fail

This year I’ll be speaking at Minnebar on April 25, 2020. Minnebar is an unconference hosted at the Best Buy campus in Richfield, MN. It typically caters to those in the technology space: designers, developers, project managers, and software people. If you’ve never been, I’d highly recommend it as a primer to the MN tech scene. Keep an eye on the website to register. Here’s a short description:

Late and Overbudget: Why Projects Always* Fail

There are systemic problems in how we approach planning and doing work for others. Despite our best intentions, we’ve all been a part of projects that were late, overbudget, or (usually) both.

Something isn’t working, so let’s talk about it. Read more…

This talk will generate some discussion around the topic and how to find a better way forward. My personal goal is to be truer to my commitments and find ways to do business better along the way.

After my talk, I’ll post our conclusions on the blog.

You can register for Minnebar later this spring. You can register for my talk here.

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