More Strategy, Less Development, Sooner to Market!

When launching or adding to a digital product, it’s tricky to figure out what features should make the cut. Lean on your brain’s remarkable powers of strategy before jumping to execution. Allow yourself to thoughtfully consider anything you might want to include. Spend way more time doing this then you’re comfortable.

You have a finite amount of time and money to spend on your product. If you spend five hours to axe a ten hour feature, you’re actually saving time & money. If you practice this, I guarantee you will save more time then you will spend.

A couple of prompts to help as you weed out features:

  • If this was the only feature left before you could go live, would you hold up the launch for it?
  • Is spending our team’s time on this feature our best, most high priority contribution at this time?
  • Can I draw a clear path between the macro levels goals of what we’re trying to accomplish this quarter and the feature?
  • Does it spark joy (kidding)

Just to get you started, here’s a few often un-necessary, and development heavy initial features

  • Extensive account management
  • Overly designed on-boarding flows
  • Social Logins

Imagine there’s a countdown clock running for your idea before you run out of time/money/resources. Tick tock! If you could look at that clock, would you really be spending your time on nice-to-haves? Get your product to market, pronto!

If this has peaked your interest, I created a shiny PDF on this topic: Four keys to building features your customers will actually use.

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