Rest is Good Business Round 2

Most of us experienced extreme cold over the month of February. We were stuck in our houses. Relief on this virus was forthcoming, but still not quite here. For me, and probably many others, it felt like a really breaking point in the pandemic. The proverbial darkest of night before the sunrise.

As spring breaks and we see some sense of normalcy on the horizon, we’re all coming out of a fog, some of us better off than others, but pretty much all of us, worn. The time is right for a quick pause to evaluate: what do I need most, right now.

For me, I needed time to rest my mind, a break from the kids, and room to self actualize personally and on the business. Therefore, I took a solo retreat for a couple days up north. I split up this time, half rest and half big picture business planning.

So what is it that you need?

Seriously, right now, think about what you need. Is it a break from constant responsibilities around the house? More socialization? No socialization? Time to think? Just a few hours to yourself?

Now make it happen. You can do this. I have two amazing, but rambunctious young kids to take care of. I have work piling up, just like you. You can’t wait for things to slow down because they wont.

You need to take care of yourself. If you’re like me and rest for its own merits is hard, remember the advantages that you gain by sharpening the saw.

Be assertive with those around you with what you need. Let them help you get what you need, and kick off this new season right!

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