What are you going to do about it?

The violence at the Capitol last Wednesday was a tragic event, provoked and empowered by the four years of vitriol.

Everyone can agree, there is major dissonance in this country. It feels weighty, hopeless and at times irredeemable. Sitting in the shock and bewilderment is a proper response for a period of time, but eventually action must prevail.

In times like this, I try and push myself towards what my role is. The actions of a group is the sum of its actors.

Here’s my deeply personal action plan:

  1. Use my voice to make clear distinctions of lines that cannot be crossed. Because of my privilege, my voice carries more freely than some. What I say (and don’t say) matters. Words lead to actions.
  2. Seek to understand. If a belief feels entirely foreign to me, I need to try and understand it on a deeper level. Actions are almost always dictated by cause and effect. If my default is “they are ignorant”, then I can do better.
  3. Build equity. Some of the macro level tides of society are disenfranchising those who’ve already been counted out. Focus my work on supporting those who need a lift, first.
  4. Rely on my higher power. I, personally, find solace in that I can do my part and trust in an all powerful God to handle the rest.

Responding with fear, anger and resentment is an important part of coping with a difficult situation, however we must eventually turn towards the work to be done. It’s not someone else’s work, it’s your work. You are a part of the whole. So, what are you going to do about it?

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