Willpower is overrated

We all have a list of a few things that we’d like to start doing (or do a lot more of), but these things simply don’t happen. As I think back on the last year, I can think of a couple habits that I’ve (finally) started doing with consistency. One of those is writing this very blog you’re reading. My “secret”: build it into my schedule and protect the space for it.

I recently determined that there’s nothing that has a better return on investment than writing a blog entry. It only takes an hour or two, provides value to people, and helps keep my business on top of mind. Realizing this, I gave it prime placement at the beginning of my week, and committed to writing a blog entry every Monday AM before I do anything else.

I’ve found that relying on willpower to get a thing done doesn’t work for me. Creating an appointment on my calendar to do a thing, does work. This isn’t magic, life-hacking, or maximizing my life. It’s just picking a couple of things, and putting them on a calendar. It’s getting that “when” question out of the way, ahead of time, so it’s not even a decision to be made.

That prime, Monday AM time-slot, might be a good place for you to start. Take that ultra valuable, high ROI thing, and put it right there, Monday AM, before anything else.

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